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The Great Green Goat is Maryland's first punk rock smoke shop and brain child of Maryland native Kristen Hoffman. With the guidance of her business partner it is the dream shop for those looking for an alternative to the stereotypical Rasta-themed, tie-dyed, patchouli reeking smoke shop. 

It's her vision is to break the mold and rewrite the formula for the standard smoke shop by combining quality merchandise at affordable prices with a rockin' aesthetic and a dedication to supporting and promoting local bands, artists and designers. 


We are woman owned and women operated. We specialize in Kratom, CBD and Hemp products including D8, as well as Nootropix. While others may carry similar and sometimes the same products what sets us apart is the knowledge, experience, and customer service and individualized attention we strive to give each and every customer. Our goal is not just to sell products but to really help those who are currently suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and depression, as well as active addiction find alternative ways of management. The Great Green Goat believes that our community is incredibly important, you're all what keeps us in business, and that supporting members of that community is what brings improvement. This philosophy is why we close when supporting social activism and have care package drives in the winter and summer to assist those who are experiencing homelessness. We are also involved in local charities related to the hemp and cannabis industries that lend assistance and resources to those experiencing chronic and/or terminal illnesses. We also support, sponsor, and feature local musicians and artists.

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